ALTI VITAL is a mix of Andean and Rainforest plants, each recognized for its health benefits.

ALTI VITAL is recommended at heights above 2,000 meters (7,000 feet) above sea level, also in transportation (car, plane, train and boat).

Each capsule 500 mg contains:

Coca leaves
Ginger powder
Muña leaves
Guarana powder

Altivital can help in high altitude:

  • Breathing difficulties: coca and muña leaves are bronchodilators, regulating lack of oxygen and allowing better respiration.
  • Dizziness and nausea: muña and ginger are very efficient against dizziness, nausea and the typical drunk feeling one experience in high altitudes and in transportation.
  • Headache: Guarana and ginger are known for alleviating migraines.
  • Upset stomaches: muña, coca leaves and ginger are potent digestive aides. Muña is useful for relieving upset stomachs, indigestions and swelling.
  • Fatigue: Guarana is stimulant and improve one’s state of mind.
  • Blood circulation: coca leaves free blood circulation and regulate blood pressure.

Also in other situations, such as:


Alti Vital will be very useful in case of exhaustion and tiredness, allowing you to recover energy quickly. 


Numerous testimonials report quick relief from severe headaches.
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Digestion disorders

digestion disorders
Alti vital will help them in cases of swelling, indigestion, stomach pains. 

Note: Alti Vital is a natural product and should not be substituted for medical prescriptions.

Recommended dose

Preventive in altitude:

2 capsules every 8 hours
It can be taken half an hour before arrival at the heights.
Continue for 2 or 3 days at altitude.

Or, as soon as symptoms start:


Take 2 capsules 

If the symptoms do not totally disappear after 20 minutes:
+ 2 capsules

Are there restrictions to consume Altivital?

For 10 years that Alti Vital has been consumed, more than 3 million to date, no side effects have been reported.
Frequently, people contact us before acquiring it, asking about specific cases:

Can a child take Alti Vital?
Yes, from 4 / 5 years. Up to 12 years of age, a single capsule per dose is recommended.
The size of the capsule can be an impediment for a child and it is solved by pouring the powder contained in the capsules in hot water to take as an infusion, it has a pleasant mint flavor. You can also use a tea ball or fine strainer to avoid powder residue.

Is there any risk for people with hypertension?
Guarana in its composition contains caffeine, about 20 mg per capsule. To make a comparison, it takes 5 capsules of Alti Vital to ingest the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee (about 100 mg).

Can a pregnant woman take Alti Vital?
In theory, there are no restrictions for pregnant women without complications. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

When should Alti Vital not be taken:
For all people who have restrictions in their workplace or activity, such as competitive athletes, public transport drivers, air navigators and mining company personnel, a control of illicit substances could be revealed positive for its content in coca leaves.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions

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